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CROE Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubbers in Maritime Reporter and Engineering News

CROE Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubbers in special issue of Maritime Reporter and Engineering News. No. 12, Volume 77, December 2015. Maritime Reporter Dec2015 CROE article. Click to download Under the strict, new emissions requirements that went into effect on January 1, 2105 as part of MARPOL Annex VI regulations, vessels sailing […]

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The Economic and Environmental Cases for Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubbers

Chris Leigh-Jones published in WorldBunkering.com a comprehensive article on marine exhaust gas scrubbers as a means to achieving compliance with the stringent, new MARPOL regulations in effect in the North American and Caribbean ECAs and the North Sea Baltic. Since early 2015, he says, ship operators have been faced with […]

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CR Ocean Engineering at Shipping Insight; Meet COO Nick Confuorto; Discuss our Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubbers

Nick Confuorto, Chief Operating Officer of CR Ocean Engineering, will head the firm’s participation at this year’s Shipping Insight Conference, the maritime industry’s premier technology forum and networking event, to be held October 11-14 in Stamford, Connecticut. Please drop by booth 115 (exhibitor’s map here). Mr. Confuorto, and other professionals from the […]

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MARPOL Compliance Solutions: Impact of Ship Emissions in the North Sea Goes Far Beyond Shores

MARPOL Compliance Solutions. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, a journal published by the European Geosciences Union, in a white discussing shipping emissions in the North Sea, points out that the impact goes far beyond the shores. The North Sea is one of the areas with the highest ship traffic densities in our planet. “At […]

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Delivering on the Preferences of the Marine Industry: CR Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubbers

The design of the CR Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubber combines the most effective designs developed by CROE over the past 60 years and the needs, requirements and preferences of the marine industry. We understand the many needs and requirements of the shipping/marine industry including the need for small footprints and ease […]

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