CR Ocean Engineering: Leading Manufacturer of Marine Scrubbers Leveraging Decades Experience

Scrubber Manufacturers
Marine Scrubber Manufacturers
Manufacturers of Marine Scrubbers
Manufacturers of Marine Scrubbers
Manufacturers of Marine Scrubbers
Manufacturers of Marine Scrubbers
Manufacturers of Marine Scrubbers

Marine scrubbers will make your vessel 0.1% and 0.5% sulfur cap emissions compliant. The freedom to burn the fuel you want! 

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of Marine Scrubbers, we can provide a highly reliable, simple and efficient scrubbing system that will meet the ship’s IMO ANNEX VI regulatory.

Numerous studies from both governments and environmental entities have proven that scrubbers are safe for the sea and the sea-life while at the same time they help you avoid the low-sulfur fuel availability and compatibility issues.

What's best, our Marine Scrubbers allow shippers to continue burning the same lower cost fuel they've been using for years, while protecting humans and nature from the toxic effects that stem from releasing harmful fumes into the atmosphere. The question shippers are now facing is which manufacturer should they work with for the supply and servicing of the scrubber technology.

CR Ocean Engineering, which recently announced deployment of two additional models of our line of marine scrubbers, is perfectly poised to meet that need. Our scrubbers are based on more than 60 years of experience in the design and supply of similar scrubbing systems to all types of land based industries.

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CROE Scrubbers normally replace the silencers. Due to their small size, compact configuration and flexibility of design, CROE Systems are perfect for both new-builds and retrofits.

Some of the features of the CROE scrubbing systems include:

  • Bottom entry or side entry designs to allow a better fit to any ship configuration while simplifying engine exhaust gas duct with or without a bypass.
  • Strategically configured internals and controls to eliminate any potential of water backflow to the engine.
  • Eliminated the typical water storage at bottom of scrubber tower to reduce weight at the higher elevations, improving stability.
  • Designed for high temperature dry-run operation without bypass if required.
  • All acid resistant alloy construction (external and internal) to extend the life of the system and to allow the exhaust gas to travel through the scrubber system at high temperatures in case of dry-run conditions without a bypass.
  • Used proprietary internals designed specifically to increase contact area with lower liquid flows to save on typical pumping costs associated with some scrubber designs. Proprietary Caustic-AssistTM feature for Open-Loop assist operating in low-alkalinity areas

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