Animation: CR Ocean Engineering In-line Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems


Operation of the CR Ocean Engineering Marine Scrubber. New low-sulphur emissions regulations present formidable challenges for ship owners, both now and in the future.

CR Ocean Engineering’s exhaust cleaning systems offer an alternative to low-sulphur fuels at a fraction of the cost. Our scrubber systems are custom engineering to continuously and efficiently remove sulphur from engine exhaust.

CR Ocean Engineering scrubbers are ideal for use in a wide range of vessels, such as RO-RO, Ferries, Cruise Ships and Container Ships. They are designed for both new builds and retrofits with single engines or multistreaming operations.

CROE exhaust cleaning systems are available in three standard configurations: Open loop, closed loop, and hybrid system.

Open loop systems continuously pump alkaline seawater through the scrubber. The washwater leaves the scrubber and is discharged back into the sea, meeting all IMO discharge requirements.

Closed-loop systems use fresh water and sodium hydroxide to create a basic wash for capture and neutralization of SO2 in the scrubber. The water is continuously recycled back to the scrubber, with only a small stream going to a wash water cleaning system used to remove the collected sludge and making the stream able to be discharged or stored for later disposal.

Hybrid systems allow for both closed-loop and open-loop operation offering maximum flexibility for operation in areas with muliple or changing regulations.

CR Ocean Engineering scrubbers offer a range of important design features. For example, the bottom-up entry design and metallic construction of the scrubber allows exhaust gas to flow without requiring a bypass, even when running dry, in situations where scrubbing is not yet needed. The exhaut gas inlet and scrubber drainage are designed to eliminate a potential for water back flow to the engine. Wash water flows from the bottom of the scrubber to storage tanks which are installed at lower elevation levels to improve ship stability.

Our dedication to maritime scrubbing and engineering excellence ensures that you have an optimally designed scrubber system. And our global customer support service group provides peace of mind.

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