CR OCEAN ENGINEERING (CROE®) is the environmental control branch of the 
CROLL REYNOLDS GROUP (CR) for marine and refinery applications. State-of-the-art design, production, quality controls and test facilities create an environment for the manufacture of consistently superior systems and components. CR is the leading source for innovative, high-performance vacuum and scrubbing systems for all industries including oil refining, 
shipping, food, chemicals, and others.

• Ship Engine Exhaust
• Fluid Cat Cracking Units (FCCU)
• Power Boilers
• Fluidized Cockers
• Sulfur Recovery Unit Tail Gas (SRU)
• Fired Heaters
• Crude Distillation Units (CDU)
• Waste Incinerators
• Chemical Plant Processes
• Metallurgical Plants
• Smelting
• Many Other Processes
• Excellent as Pre-Scrubber for CO2
Capture and Secuestration

Years of research and innovative engineering experience have earned the CR companies a reputation for resolving the most difficult challenges.

We have handled a wide variety of toxic, hazardous, common, and uncommon gases, and particulates, including: SO2, H2S, NOx, HCl, HF, HBr, NH3, Cl2, Alcohols, Silicon Dioxide, Silicon Tetrachloride, Fine Oil Mist, Boron Trifluoride, Organic Anhydrides, Sulfuric Acid Mist, Lime Dust, Phosgene, Ethylene Oxide, Propylene Oxide, VOC’s, Cat fines, Ash, <PM2.5… to name a few!

CROE’s scrubbing systems can use seawater, sodium, lime or magnesium-based reagents. The systems operate on the principles of saturation, absorption, condensation, and filtration. The vessels are “open tower” design with proprietary spray nozzles that reduce a variety of pollutants including dust particles (particulate), SO2 and SO3, as well as offering an option to also reduce NOx concurrently in a single vessel. Each system is customized for each application’s requirements. Continuous operating campaigns of 5 years (or more), potential for catalyst reversals and strict governmental regulations require that the refinery scrubbing systems be designed to operate under such difficult and demanding conditions. With proven performance and reliability, the CROE refinery grade wet scrubbing systems are perfect for the refinery applications. Open tower design with nothing that can plug even during reversals.

PROVIDING WORLDWIDE SOLUTIONS:Our Scrubbing System Technology is extremely reliable, highlyefficient and easy to operate. CR Ocean Engineering offers a 
century of experience that makes a difference when non-compliance 
and downtime are not an option.


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