CROE Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubbers in Maritime Reporter and Engineering News

CROE Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubbers in special issue of Maritime Reporter and Engineering News. No. 12, Volume 77, December 2015.

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Under the strict, new emissions requirements that went into effect on January 1, 2105 as part of MARPOL Annex VI regulations, vessels sailing in specific areas identified as Environmental Control Areas (ECA) in the North Sea/Baltic and US, Canada and Caribbean have to use fuel containing no more than 0.1% Sulfur. In January of 2020 (pending review in 2018) the sulfur regulation will expend to all other areas of the world requiring fuels to be limited to no more than 0.5% Sulfur content in those areas. Fortunately, IMO/MARPOL has provided an alternative path to MARPOL compliance by using Marine Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems also known as Scrubbers.

Many ship owners and operators have already chosen to use Scrubbers allowing their ships to continue using heavy fuels with full confidence of meeting MARPOL compliance. By doing so, they save fuel costs while helping to clean the planet.

CR OCEAN ENGINEERING (CROE®) is a global leader in the supply of Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubbing Systems to the marine industry. The CROE® systems can be retrofitted into existing ships or installed into newbuild ships. The small diameter and short height of the CROE® scrubbing system makes it the preferred system for many ship applications.

The CROE® scrubber reduces particulates and SO2 emissions from the exhaust gas from heavy fuel burning engines, generators and boilers. The CROE® system can easily reduce the SO2 stack emissions to below the 0.1 sulfur fuel equivalence as required by the MARPOL regulations even when operating in the low alkalinity areas of the eastern Baltic. The typical scope of supply includes the scrubber tower, the primary circulation tank, the pumps, automated valves, instrumentation, continuous emissions monitors, washwater cleaning system, washwater monitors and control panel.

In today’s very competitive shipping industry owners and operators need to take advantage of every avenue that is available to them. Installing the CROE® scrubbers and using the lower cost fuels can make a significant difference in a company’s competitiveness.

Owners contemplating exhaust gas scrubbing as an alternative to distillate fuel are typically confronted by the divergent interests of engine manufacturers, consultants, marine architects and others — most lack the depth of technology experience necessary to assure a seamless transition during the process of compliance.

CR Ocean Engineering, LLC’s expertise lies in the technology that is at the heart of any effective exhaust gas cleaning system. We are prepared to guide owners to the most effi cient and economical solution to MARPOL compliance.

CR Ocean Engineering Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubbers are available in three standard confi gurations, customizable to the ship’s needs: a) As a once through scrubber, also known and Open Loop; b) As a recirculating scrubber, also known as Closed Loop; c) As a combination of both designs, also known as Hybrid.

They can be retrofi tted into existing ships and are also the perfect choice for new builds. Should you need more information, please contact Nick Confuorto:

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