SAFETY4SEA Interviews CR Ocean Engineering President and COO Nick Confuorto

 While at CMA Shipping 2019, 2-4 April, Stamford, Connecticut, USA.SAFETY4SEA interviewed Nicholas Confuorto, President & Chief Operations Officer, CR Ocean Engineering. Mr. Confuorto discussed the challenges the 2020 regulations will bring to the maritime industry, while stressing that marine scrubbers means real savings for shippers.  ********** About CR Ocean […]

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Powering a Cruise Ship: The Role of a Royal Caribbean Chief Engineer

With a staff of over 100 people, a cruise ship’s Chief Engineer’s task is to provide all power and safety for a small city that’s moving with as many as 8,000 people on board. It is a highly complex job that requires great knowledge, total confidence and top skills. The video […]

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Animation: CR Ocean Engineering In-line Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems

  Operation of the CR Ocean Engineering Marine Scrubber. New low-sulphur emissions regulations present formidable challenges for ship owners, both now and in the future. CR Ocean Engineering’s exhaust cleaning systems offer an alternative to low-sulphur fuels at a fraction of the cost. Our scrubber systems are custom engineering to continuously […]

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The CR Ocean Engineering Marine Scrubber: Effective Design Meets MARPOL Compliance Requirements. Video and More

The design of the CR Marine Scrubber combines nearly a century of experience to meet the needs, requirements and preferences of the marine industry in light of the newly enacted MARPOL Annex 6 low-sulphur fuel requirements. The design provides ease of retrofit into existing structures, it is uncompromisingly efficient; has reduced weight, minimizes any impact to […]

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Retrofitting a CR Ocean Engineering Scrubbing System in a Bulk Carrier Operating on the US Great Lakes

CR Ocean Engineering CEO Nick Confuorto explains the process of retrofitting a CR Ocean Engineering Scrubbing System in a bulk carrier operating in the US Great Lakes. For more information, please contact Nick  

MARPOL Annex VI Explained; CR Marine Scrubber, The Solution to Low-Sulphur Costs

The choices presented by the new MARPOL Annex VI regulations are straightforward. Reduce your emissions by switching to low-sulphur fuel and bear the costs. Or use our CR Marine Scrubbers. The video explains the regulations and the zones in which they apply. There is, however, a low-cost alternative: The CR […]

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This film covers everything you need to know about Annex V1 of MARPOL 73/78, including the NOx Technical Code.

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