SAFETY4SEA Interviews CR Ocean Engineering President and COO Nick Confuorto

While at CMA Shipping 2019, 2-4 April, Stamford, Connecticut, USA.SAFETY4SEA interviewed Nicholas Confuorto, President & Chief Operations Officer, CR Ocean Engineering. Mr. Confuorto discussed the challenges the 2020 regulations will bring to the maritime industry, while stressing that marine scrubbers means real savings for shippers. 


About CR Ocean Engineering: Our organization was originally established in 1917. So we are a 100-year-old organization. About six years ago, we formed the marine group, which is called CR Ocean Engineering, part of the CR organization. We’ve been producing scrubbers since the 1960s, but land-based. And only about 6 years ago we decided to penetrate the marine business. We now have contracts including those in construction for about a 150 ships, more coming on an almost daily basis. This has been a fantastic year for us and we hope to continue on that.

In terms of developments, we of course as well as other companies are looking at where the industry is going next and we are getting ready for that. Of course, it’s confidential what we are working on. But we’ll be ready when the new regulations come in place.


Message to Current and Prospective Clients: To my existing clients, I congratulate them. They are going to save some money starting next year. And prospective clients, most of them are still on the fence trying to decide the earlier they decide, the better it is going to be for them as they go into 2020.