The 0.1% Solution: Infographic on CROE Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubbers for MARPOL Compliance

Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubbers for MARPOL Compliance.This Infographic presents a comprehensive explanation of the challenges of MARPOL compliance, with the new fuel emissions regulations in effect since January 1, 2015. Vessels sailing in the North Sea/Baltic and North American/Canada Caribbean Emissions Control Areas or ECAs face two choices. The substantially more expensive low-sulfur fuel, or a marine exhaust gas scrubber, like those available from CR Ocean Engineerings. CR Ocean Engineering Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubbers come in three basic models: Open Loop Design, Closed Loop Design or Hybrid Design. They can be installed on all types of vessels — tankers, cargo carriers, roro and cruise ships. They can be easily retrofitted into existing vessles. Or incorporated into new builds.

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