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‘The Idea that Open Loop Scrubbers Will Be Banned in Ports is Fake’: Nick Confuorto CROE COO

Originally published 5/13/2019 on SeaNews. By Baibhav Mishra —The issue of banning open loop scrubbers is being propagated to scare people away from scrubbers, according to Nick Confuorto, president and chief operations officer for CR Ocean Engineering, and a keynote speaker at Maritime Week Americas. “The number of ports likely to […]

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Ready to Go! Photo Gallery of CR Ocean Engineering Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubber

From our factory to the water. Photos of our CR Ocean Engineering Marine Scrubber, the money-saving solution to MARPOL compliance challenges. Shown is the CROE® engine exhaust gas cleaning scrubber supplied to BORE in Finland. Open Loop scrubber with “Caustic Assist™” feature. Sized for 6 MW engine, it is same size […]

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