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MARPOL Compliance Solutions: Impact of Ship Emissions in the North Sea Goes Far Beyond Shores

MARPOL Compliance Solutions. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, a journal published by the European Geosciences Union, in a white discussing shipping emissions in the North Sea, points out that the impact goes far beyond the shores. The North Sea is one of the areas with the highest ship traffic densities in our planet. “At […]

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Downloadable Brochure: Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubbers for MARPOL Compliance

The CR Ocean Engineering Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubber reduces sulphur emissions to enable vessels to meet MARPOL Annex VI for vessels sailing in the North Sea/Baltic and North American/Canada Caribbean Emissions Control Areas or ECAs. With a CR Ocean Engineering marine exhaust gas scrubber installed, ship owners can continue to […]

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Photos of the CR Ocean Engineering Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubber: At the Plant

Images of the CR Ocean Engineering Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubber at the plant, before being shipped to help a vessel meet MARPOL compliance in the North Sea/Baltic and North American Caribbean ECAs, where strict new regulations limit sulfur emissions. You can download our brochure here.

Delivering on the Preferences of the Marine Industry: CR Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubbers

The design of the CR Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubber combines the most effective designs developed by CROE over the past 60 years and the needs, requirements and preferences of the marine industry. We understand the many needs and requirements of the shipping/marine industry including the need for small footprints and ease […]

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For All Vessel Types, Retrofits or Newbuilds

CR Ocean Engineering Marine Exhaust Scrubbers are available in 3 basic designs, easily customized to meet your vessel’s needs. They are the perfect, low-cost solution for MARPOL compliance, since the stringent new emissions regulations came into effect in North/Baltic and North America ECAs. For both new builds or retrofits for existing vessels.  

Ready to Go! Photo Gallery of CR Ocean Engineering Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubber

From our factory to the water. Photos of our CR Ocean Engineering Marine Scrubber, the money-saving solution to MARPOL compliance challenges. Shown is the CROE® engine exhaust gas cleaning scrubber supplied to BORE in Finland. Open Loop scrubber with “Caustic Assist™” feature. Sized for 6 MW engine, it is same size […]

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Potential Problems Stemming From Low-Sulphur Fuels in the ECAs

A case for the Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubber Without careful management and treatment, distillate fuels can cause blockages in fuel lines, damage fuel pumps and injectors and contribute to the loss of engine power, warns Eric Haun in a 3/12/2015 note on Marine Link. Another reason why a CR Ocean Marine Exhaust Gas […]

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Compliance with MARPOL Regulations

The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships MARPOL, has promulgated regulations whose purpose is to preserve the marine environment through the prevention of pollution by oil and and other toxic substances.  The CR Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems will help you meet MARPOL compliance by reducing the SO2 emitted […]

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