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Ready to Go! Photo Gallery of CR Ocean Engineering Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubber

From our factory to the water. Photos of our CR Ocean Engineering Marine Scrubber, the money-saving solution to MARPOL compliance challenges. Shown is the CROE® engine exhaust gas cleaning scrubber supplied to BORE in Finland. Open Loop scrubber with “Caustic Assist™” feature. Sized for 6 MW engine, it is same size […]

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Potential Problems Stemming From Low-Sulphur Fuels in the ECAs

A case for the Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubber Without careful management and treatment, distillate fuels can cause blockages in fuel lines, damage fuel pumps and injectors and contribute to the loss of engine power, warns Eric Haun in a 3/12/2015 note on Marine Link. Another reason why a CR Ocean Marine Exhaust Gas […]

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