Nick Confuorto, CR Ocean Engineering’s President and Chief Operations Officer, on the CROE Scrubbing System

“The CR Ocean Engineering scrubbing system is designed to be relatively small in both diameter and height, highly efficient and very cost-effective. It is designed to have low backpressure, has an all metal construction, requires no bypass and can run dry without concerns. An advanced technology washwater system is also provided by CROE as part of the total package. The CROE® Scrubbing System is available in Open Loop (a once trough design using seawater to neutralize the collected sulfur emissions), Closed Loop (using a freshwater solution with analkaline solution to neutralize the collected sulfur compounds or Hybrid configurations (designed to be both Open Loop and Closed loop and able to switch from one configuration to the other on demand).

“The CROE® system can be retrofitted into existing ships or installed on new-builds. It can be used as a dedicated in-line scrubber or it can be used as multi-stream. The smaller diameter and shorter height of the CROE scrubbing system make it the preferred system for many ship applications. Presently CROE scrubbers are successfully operating in the North American Great Lakes, in the Baltic and the North Sea. They are presently installed on Bulk Carriers, RoRo and RoPax, and on Cruise Ships. With a CROE scrubbing systems ship owners can continue using the lower cost high sulfur fuel oil even in the 2015 and 2020 Environmental Controlled Areas (ECA).”

Courtesy of Cleaner Seas magazine

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