CROE’s Nick Confuorto speaks with Riviera news. ‘Many good years ahead’ for scrubber market once pandemic is under control

As part of a broader article on the post Covid 19 maritime scrubber market, Riviera news interviewed, Nick Confuorto, President and COO of CR Ocean Engineering.

The article discusses the road ahead for the scrubber market, which during 2020 suffered a multi-pronged attack involving the pandemic, oil wars, and installation delays in shipyards.

The post-pandemic market place, according to key industry players, will include shorter turnaround times, more advanced technologies, and improved installation processes.

CR Ocean president Nick Confuorto: 

We were hit by a one-two punch that the scrubber market has yet to recover from. However, once Covid is conquered, I believe the fuel pricing difference will return and therefore the driver for scrubbers will once more lead to new orders.”

“The scrubber industry has had a very poor 2020, but I believe there are still many good years ahead once the pandemic is under control.”

“Judging from early scrubber installations, I can say that during 2019-2020 shipyards have significantly improved their scrubber installation capabilities.”

“As we learned more and more about what better fits in funnels, we began offering multiple designs such as our addition of square towers (instead of the usual round towers) and side inlet towers to our offering. Additionally, we started to supply remote monitoring of the system operation.”

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