CR Ocean Engineering Scrubbers Help Royal Caribbean Reduce Emissions

CROE_Scrubber_on_RCCR Ocean Engineering Scrubbers are playing a key role in Royal Caribbean Cruises environmental strategy to reduce bout air and water emissions and thus meet MARPOL compliance, according to Cruise Industry News.

The company has launched a 19-ship retrofit program that includes CR Ocean Engineering as one of its suppliers.

“We wanted to work with CR Ocean Engineering, because the footprint of their equipment seems much smaller than some of the other manufacturers, which will help alleviate some of the space constraints we have in retrofits as well as the newbuild programs”, said Nicholas Rose, environmental regulatory lead, environmental stewardship.

Both the air and water emissions are continuously monitored for MARPOL compliance, with self-adjusting systems for water-load, alkalinity, etc., ensuring that it is always in compliance.

With the help of CR Ocean Engineering technology, the outflow water is equivalent or better than most municipal systems. Royal Caribbean’s standards now exceed MARPOL wherever the brand operates, noted Rose.

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