CR Ocean Engineering included in the 2016 Marine News 100

Marine News 100We are proud to announce CR Ocean Engineering’s inclusion in the 2016 Marine News 100!

Marine News, the leading voice in the North American workboat market, features once a year 100 leaders and innovators, including workboat owners and operators, workboat builders and repairers, and product and service providers.

Honorees of previous years have come from every sector of the waterfront; from naval architects to vessel operators and all the way to OEM providers of every type.

From the CR Ocean Engineering Mariner News 100 listing:

CR Ocean Engineering LLC (also known as CROE) is a global leader in the design and supply of exhaust gas cleaning systems (scrubbers) offering a full range of systems customized to a client’s specific needs. With its installed base of more than 24,000 land based scrubbers since the 1960s, CR Ocean Engineering LLC is the marine focused entity of one of the oldest air pollution control companies in the world. CROE’s headquarters is located in Parsippany, NJ. The firm has 65 employees.

The listing goes on to say that, “CROE scrubbing system is designed to be lighter, smaller, more efficient and more cost effective than most competing scrubbing systems”.

It is, “Available in three standard configurations, it is customizable to the ship’s needs; Open Loop – using seawater on a once through basis; Closed Loop – a recirculating scrubber using fresh water and caustic; and Hybrid – a combination of both designs”.

CR Ocean Engineering (CROE) modified its well proven scrubbing systems to reduce emissions from vessels operating in the US/Canadian ECA. The CROE scrubbing technology has a small footprint, a very high efficiency and a low cost. This combination allows more vessels – indeed workboats – to use the scrubber option and save on fuel costs. In the past year, CROE supplied scrubbers for many vessels operating in the US/Canadian Great Lakes, US and Caribbean seas. All meet IMO ECA requirements, Flag State and Class requirements and also U.S. EPA and US Coast Guard requirements.

Link to CR Ocean Engineering listing here. 

CR Ocean Engineering in Marine News 100